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Xenomorph XX121, better known as Aliens or Xenomorphs, are an extremely dangerous and hostile race of extraterrestrials and the main antagonists/enemies of Alien: Isolation.

For a majority of the game, there is a single alien drone who sneaks aboard the space station and single-handedly turns it to ruins, however, after Waits defeats the alien by jettisoning it into space, Ripley discovers hundreds of identical aliens living in a hive hidden in the station, who crawl out of the hive and into the station to cause more death and chaos.

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Xenomorphs are without a doubt the most deadliest enemies in the game. They have extremely heightened senses, so making the smallest of movements will alert them. They are also very fast, making it so it's impossible to outrun them once they're alerted. Stealth is the only way to stay alive once they spawn in the area, some spawns being scripted while most are random, because absolutely nothing can remotely harm them except the Molotov and Flamethrower. Even then, this will only make them retreat for a few seconds. Other distractions include Noisemakers and Survivors, as the Xenomorphs will ignore Ripley and instead attack the latter until all survivors are dead. Survivors will also ignore Ripley and try in vain to kill the Xenomorph, but will always lose the fight. They ignore Working Joes since they don't register them as humans, and the Joes exchange similar neutrality.